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Goldstone Rum

Goldstone Rum is a new family run distillery to hit Henfield, Sussex. We believe in making rum the proper way and are one of the few distilleries in the UK to make rum from scratch by fermenting a blend of fresh sugarcane juice, jaggery, panela and molasses. 

Distillery Tours

Come and see how our rum is made by joining us on a walking tour of the distillery. Learn how we take the raw ingredients through fermentation, distillation in our impressive 500 litre still NelMar and bottling ready for tasting. Our team will give you the story behind Goldstone Rum and a better understanding of the history of rum and how it varies around the world.

Finally, you’ll be led through a tasting where you’ll learn the flavour profile and characteristics, and which rum works best in which cocktail.

We want our distillery to be open to all so our tours are offered at the budget friendly price of £10pp with vouchers available for gifts.

Tours run most Saturdays s at 10am and take approx 1hr. Click here to book. 

Rum and Gin school

Upstairs at our working distillery is The Spirit Lab. A unique experience guided by our master

distiller where guests learn the art of distillation by taking charge of their very own mini copper pot still.

Over the course of an evening you’ll be taught how to blend your own unique recipe using a mix of botanicals, herbs and spices to create a one of a kind rum or gin. You’ll then bottle it, customise your own label and take home a full sized bottle of your blend. Our experience is unique, there isn’t another rum school in the whole of the South East! From £75pp, gift vouchers available.

Rum and Gin school is open two Friday’s a month at 6.30pm and takes approx 2.5hrs here to book. 

Group bookings including exclusive use and corporate events available on request.

Goldstone Rum
Unit 43, Henfield Business Park
Shoreham Road