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Henfield Theatre Company Youth Theatre

The Henfield Theatre Company have introduced targeted workshops and productions for youths of 14 years and above, and it’s known as Henfield Theatre Company Youth Theatre. We present one or two productions each year at The Henfield Hall, and these have been hugely successful. Whilst children are often invited to join our pantomimes and musicals, the Youth Theatre offers a chance for young people to develop their skills and lead productions before they join the adults in the main shows.

Before each Youth Theatre production takes place, workshops are run during school holidays to gain an understanding of the play and the characters. This then allows the participants to deliver strong auditions before casting and rehearsals commence. Depending on the production, we have been known to include dinner during production nights to make it a real 'dinner and theatre evening' for those attending. Some of our current cohort of actors have developed their skills with us so much that they have now been successful in being offered places at Theatre Schools. We like to think that we have helped them to progress their journey!

Please keep an eye on our website and social media pages for information on any upcoming workshops and productions with our Youth Theatre.

Annual Membership: Young person (in full time education) £5 plus a one-off Acting Fee of £25 per production.