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Alice runs for Alzheimer's

26th March 2024

Alice Joyce, keen runner and carer for her mum Katharine, is running the London Marathon in April to raise funds for the Alzheimer’s Society. Alice also happens to work at Spinfish Publishing and BN5, so will be a familiar voice on the end of the phone if you happen to call us!

Alice began running in 2011, partly for the health benefits and partly to get some uninterrupted time away from busy family life. Soon her running sessions in the Sussex countryside (mainly on the Downslink) became an essential part of her week. She slowly built her fitness towards her first ‘public’ event, the deceptively hilly Barnes Green Half Marathon.

She then took on a challenge of running 500 miles to raise money for Loui, a little boy born with Treacher Collins, who needed vital surgery to allow him to live free of his tracheotomy. She raised over £3,000 for Loui and we were thrilled with the support she received from BN5 readers when we published their story.

Alice and her family were given the devastating diagnosis of Katharine’s vascular dementia and Alzheimer’s in 2020. As her illness progressed and Alice’s role as carer has grown, she has learned more and more about the vital support, research and campaigning undertaken by the Alzheimer’s Society. Their aim is to give ‘help and hope’ to those who have received a diagnosis, and work towards a world where dementia no longer devastates lives.

Alice said: “I’ve run three marathons, including the Brighton and Edinburgh Marathons, but London has always been the dream, I’ve entered the ballot 10 times now! I’m thrilled to be running for the Alzheimer’s Society, caring for my mum is a huge part of my life and I know that running has kept me going throughout her journey. I am a keen parkrunner, which clears my head and lifts my mood, I’ve made lots of amazing friends at the Hove Promenade parkrun and would encourage anyone who’s looking to start running to go along to their local parkrun event.”

Alice has a fundraising target of £2,500 and she’s almost there, having raised over £2,300 already. We’d love to help get her over the line; encouraging words and even the smallest donation will make a difference. Please follow the link below if you can help Alice to reach her goal.

We know how dedicated Alice is to running and how it has helped to keep her healthy and happy while juggling the roles of care, home and work. She is passionate about raising awareness of Alzheimer’s and working towards a happier outcome for many people living with the disease. Good luck, Alice!

Even the smallest donation makes a difference!