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Henfield Weekly Market

If you go down to the Henfield Hall on a Monday morning, you’ll discover items that are not only useful and beautiful, but recycled, upcycled, delicious, colourful, antique and even hand-crafted! You’ll get to meet the makers, the crafters, the upcyclers and the growers and bakers, the menders and the enthusiasts; and what’s more you’ll probably leave with a bag of great value, high quality items.

The Henfield Weekly Market is a bit of a ‘Henfield institution’ (previously known as the Monday Market). The market is ‘not for profit’ – with stall rental costs low and a team of volunteers making sure the organisation was good. The wonderfully bright and clean, newly refurbished Hall was a big attraction itself, bringing new and interesting stallholders. With low-cost parking the Market is also attracting a lot of visitors from outside the area.

The success of the project has not only given the Hall a new lease of life, but it’s contributed to Henfield with several large donations to local charities. Subsidised or free stall spaces are given to local charities to allow them to sell their goods – in fact 25% of the stalls are charity.